A Taste of Wales

As a Retail Member of the Guild of Fine Food, the High Street Delicatessen is committed to ‘Promoting Excellence in Speciality Food and Drink

In our mission to “… bring great tastes to the High Street … ‘ we handpick quality products for our customers

Some of these will be produced within 20-miles of the historic market town of Newtown in the Severn Valley in beautiful mid-Wales.

Others will be sourced from throughout Wales, which has a rich tradition of farmhouse and kitchen table food production. Many of our producers relish working with an independent retailer who understands their story, who appreciates their artisan craft and who can act as a passionate advocate for their great tastes.

Many of the products we stock will be recognised because they have attained the acknowledged benchmark of a Great Taste award from the Guild of Fine Foods. These products select themselves and fit perfectly with our passion for ‘great tastes’.

We LOVE it when customers visit the shop and discover our ‘Great Taste‘ selection.

We relish the idea of delivering “a food festival in a shop, every day” there is every chance a visit will coincide with a tasting day so our great tastes can become your favourite tastes!


2 thoughts on “A Taste of Wales

  1. Sharon Skelton says:

    Good Morning. We are a company called Champion & Reeves and are producers of quality handmade luxury confectionery in Shrewsbury. We would like you to consider stocking our products. Please visit our website to get an over view of our products or call Sharon Skelton on 01743 363888
    for more information. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


    1. thehighstreetdeli says:

      Dear Sharon, many apologies for not getting back to you sooner. I think we might also have had a voicemail message too. I’m pretty sure Catherine from Border Janitorial mentioned you too. Anyhow, apologise; in our defence, it has been a super busy spell which rather caught us unawares and we really haven’t had a chance to explore new sourcing options. We promise to look at the website over the weekend and come back to you soonest. Happy Easter, and thanks for your patience. Kind regards Barrie and JoJo


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