Here at The High Street Delicatessen, we are fuelled by great coffee

We love coffee – in equal measure, it kickstarts a working day or adds a special touch to a laid back weekend morning (those halcyon days before owning a start up business!)

We get passionate about great stories behind brands and products

And the story of Coaltown Coffee is that of a passionate young man – Scott James – starting a coffee roasting business in his home town, in the heart of a historic mining community. In doing so, he is honouring the memory of his great grandfather who worked in the mines for 40 years, toiling to extract ‘black gold’

It is appropriate, therefore, that Coaltown Coffee is basing its burgeoning reputation on its ‘Black Gold No 3’, a blend that was awarded 2 Stars in the 2014 Great Taste Awards. This is the ‘house’ roast at The High Street Delicatessen

The rich chocolate tones of South American beans make for a full-bodied but naturally sweet-tasting coffee hit. ‘Grab and Go‘ or relax in the covered garden terrace of The High Street Delicatessen, the perfect place to slow your day down for a moment while you relish this great taste of Wales

We are excited to be working with Coaltown Coffee to bring you the great taste of speciality grade Arabica coffee roasted in Wales

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