A Letter to The Good Life Experience

Our annual pilgrimage to The Good Life Experience is now an integral part of the rhythm of The High Street Delicatessen. It is the metaphorical line drawn under the crazy Summer months when we teeter on the brink of our capacity to keep pace with demand.

The Good Life Experience is special to us. It is not work but the inspiration we seek and find informs our endeavours. It is not networking, but the people we bump into are kindred spirits and we make plans to hook up with them – they are the folk we want to collaborate with because we share the same view of life. It is not a business conference, but we take the time to sit down to listen and learn. It is not a night on the tiles, but we find ourselves drifting to gin bars to celebrate life, friendships and our need to dial it back.

The Good Life Experience means a lot to us so when Sarah Hellen of Jwrnal asked us to provide a contribution to the first print edition of her celebration of Welsh craft and makers, we wrote a ‘thank you letter’ to The Good Life Experience. Because we are grateful for what it offers to all of us who brush up against it.


Dear Good Life

I’m pretty sure this is a ‘thank you’ note.

I grew up in an age when a thank you note was a given; it was the appropriate expression of appreciation, for a gift, a thought, a moment in time. You wrote thank you notes promptly, genuinely. That was the age we lived in.

It seems to make complete sense to write a ‘thank you’ note for the experience you give us. It is our expression of appreciation for the life you return us to.

Yours is a festival which feels personal, almost impossible to describe … it’s an immersive moment in time, a call to arms for a better way of doing things, a finer way of being … it’s not pretentious; quite the opposite … a gathering of folk with common purpose and an intention to learn and share and do … folk seeking out a good life, one worth sharing, worth experiencing … and for 3 precious days, we all discover our Good Life.

Thank you.

Thank you for being a festival of late-Summer warmth, but early Autumn chill … for being a gathering of like minds, kindred spirits, souls at one with the essence of the occasion, the intimacy and the inclusiveness. We love your blessed lack of VIP, a spirit within which those at the ‘front of the class’ welcome those who stand to marvel at their words, deeds, skills and openness. We adore your feasts, where new faces mingle with familiar ones, where new tastes make themselves familiar. Yours is a gathering where real people stop orbiting in the electrons of social media for some precious moments of human interaction which celebrate the spirit of sharing and advocacy at one with the mood of your Good Life.

Thank you for making your Good Life our good life.

The Delis x