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There’s something reassuringly old-school about a newsletter sliding into your in-box.

It’s slow news … ‘slow‘, in a really good way.

Our aim in the deli is always to slow folk down a little. We try to give people ‘permission’ to take a moment to explore something new, to seek out inspiring stories, to discover something they don’t already know.

Our weekly newsletter, which flies into the ether every Sunday, 6pm sharp, is a growing part of that philosophy. Every week, there are musings from Mr Deli, links to stories and articles we bookmark during the week, a few diary dates, interviews with food producers and images that have wow’d us. It’s all a bit “check out this music video we’ve seen … you’d love this restaurant we ate at … read this, it’s super interesting“.

Our newsletter is unashamedly celebratory.

We focus on the positives, the inspiring, the beautiful things. Why not? There are plenty of folk who are poised to reveal negatives, to make themselves feel great by being down on stuff. Let’s not dwell on that. We’ve got way too many brilliant things to shout about.

In small business, you have to find a way to communicate with people. You have to make connections. There’s a business advantage to being trusted. But way beyond that, there’s a human need to connect. There’s pleasure to be had in sharing. We love the positivity that emerges through sharing other people’s talents.

That’s what our weekly newsletter is all about.

Articles, images, videos, stories, things-to-do, places to go, people to see.

Back in December 2016, Mr Deli spent the day with David Hieatt at his farm on the outskirts of Cardigan, a stone’s throw from the Hiut Denim factory that David and Clare Hieatt have brought to life to get their town making jeans again. More than that, they have also created an ‘encouragement network‘ that shares experience and which gives people confidence to do things for themselves.


As David says:

‘For me, the newsletter is the most important tool I have in building a global denim brand. Second only to the sewing machine.’

David  has based his entire marketing strategy around a simple email newsletter. And it’s worked. His company has grown into a creative global jeans business with a fiercely loyal community.

Four months after listening to David, we committed … on Sunday 17 March, we will send out our 100th newsletter. Our first issue went out to 43 folk … this week’s flew into 504 mailboxes. On average, 37.5% of the people who’ve signed up pop in to have a read … in a sector where just over 13% is the average, we’re quietly pleased to have found that sort of connection with people.

But to be honest, the numbers aren’t really the thing. We know people who – quite literally – wait for our newsletter. Like, actually wait for it … with your real ‘bated breath’. They’ve told us that is the one thing they look forward to in their mailbox. Which is VERY cool.

It’s slow … it’s gentle … it’s upbeat and celebratory … its deliciously old-school. But, do you know something, that’s the way we like things.