5 Foodie Minutes With … Chris Roberts (With Love Project)

Every now and then we are going to hang out with some of the cool foodie folk we get to work with or who we have bumped into along the way to find out a little bit more about what makes them tick, both on the ‘shop floor’ and in life more generally.

We call the series “5 Food Minutes With …

Chris Roberts is one half of With Love Project (with Rob Evans), a side project that has grown into 2 beautiful curated, crowdfunded books which showcase makers and food producers who do what they do with ‘passion and purpose‘. We have followed the journey closely over the past two or three years and so it was a delight to hang out for #5FoodieMinutesWith Chris, to see what great tastes inspire him.

What inspires you?

Passionate people, I find them infectious, I think that is why we have so much fun working on the With Love Project. It gives us an opportunity to find people we would love to meet and an excuse to get in touch.

Where in the world do you get to hang out doing your foodie thing? Can you tell us a little of what is so special to you about ‘place’?

The With Love Project allows us to travel around the country meeting a variety of foodies so it would be hard to name just one favourite hangout. We are based in the Northern Quarter of Manchester though and there a global selection of delights on our doorstep; we can be eating in a NY Deli, sampling classic tapas or munching on Indian delights all within 20 minutes walk. It’s a great place for food but a bad place for our wallets!

Which 3 food (or drink) producers should the foodie world know more about?

9 Meals from Anarchy … brilliant veg stock produced over in Chester that lifts any dish.

Great Glen Charcuterie based in (Spean Bridge in) Scotland. Anja and Jan Jacob make Venison charcuterie that is so tasty and full of flavour that lots of other charcuterie can’t even get close to.

Flour Water Salt in Macclesfield. The best bread and pastries I’ve ever tasted, enough said.

Where was your last holiday … any ‘hidden gem’ recommendations?

A definite hidden gem in this country is Cafe Môr based in Pembrokeshire. They are sat overlooking Freshwater West in a solar-powered hut. Jonathan and the team serve the most amazing lobster rolls cooked in seaweed butter. Every time I’m anywhere near I will always head there. Stood feeling the sea breeze and listening to the waves lap against the shore whilst you tuck into the freshest bun which holds locally sourced, perfectly cooked lobster is pretty special.

What is your favourite meal?

A good Sunday Roast, but the meat has to be cooked right, the potatoes light, fluffy and crispy, a doughy Yorkshire pudding and a great tasting gravy.

You have £30 in your wallet/purse and an open mind about supper – where do you head to locally and what do you buy?

That all depends on mood, I’m really good at making decisions if I’m hungry, but if I’m starving I’m the most indecisive person ever. So let’s imagine I’m hungry, I’m in Manchester, I want a decent atmosphere and the choice of a few options made fresh by interesting chefs – I’ll head to Maccie Mayor. It’s set in an old indoor market and has a plethora of food and drink options and there is always a great mix of people eating there.

Favourite food writer?

Can’t say I’ve got one. My food inspiration generally comes from chatting to people and watching documentaries or TV series.

Most comforting ‘comfort food’?

Without a doubt it has to be pizza, I love everything about it, the base, the toppings, the melted cheese, the fact that even in a posh restaurant you can eat it with your hands. It’s a winner every time. My favourite spot in Manchester for Pizza is Rudy’s.


Brilliant, Chris. Lovely to catch up with your foodie musings so soon after Walking Whisky Wellness, where your recommendations featured strongly (gorgeous Great Glen Charcuterie and 9 Meals from Anarchy vegetable stock).