The Uplifting Power of Saying “Yes”

Sometimes, the path of least resistance is to stay in the place you know well. It’s easier to take your inspiration from close to home rather than stretching your horizons and testing your boundaries with a little leap of faith, a journey to a place less familiar, to try things which you haven’t tried before.

Which brings us to THE conversation.

The conversation that Mr and Mrs Deli had not long after Mr Deli had taken a call from Arran Cross (of Department Two, creative consultants who work with brands for whom quality and provenance are watchwords).

It was a conversation which went a little like this:

Mr Deli:   So, we’ve got an outside catering gig.

Mrs Deli:   We don’t do outside catering.

Mr Deli:   Yeah, but it sounds cool.

Mrs Deli:   Where is it?

Mr Deli:   Oh, Scotland.

Mrs Deli:   But we’re in Wales.

Mr Deli:   Yep, but it sounds really cool.

Mrs Deli:   OK, I get that … but how many for?

Mr Deli:   No idea, Arran said he’d send an e-mail … are the numbers important? Did I mention it sounds super-cool?

Mrs Deli:   So you said ‘yes’?

Mr Deli:   Um, yeah … more wine with your tapas, Mrs Deli?

And just like that, the uplifting power of saying “yes” brings itself to bear.

It’s an amazing opportunity; Walking, Whisky, Wellness … a weekend in the lea of the Cairngorms at Inshriach House, a beautiful Edwardian shooting lodge.

The gathering … open minded, imaginative souls taking what they call work into the great outdoors. Walks to inspire thinking; whisky to set the networking apart from all those conference room/name badge/bad coffee occasions we’ve all felt compelled to attend in our professional lives.  Speakers to get you thinking differently; a location to lift you away from your norm.

And what do Mr and Mrs Deli bring to the party?

Great tastes; a menu curated carefully – in partnership with our talented friends Rob and Chris from With Love Project – a menu that shouts of place and provenance. Meals that celebrate the four corners of the British Isles from which attendees will be gathered.

Venison from the Highlands; cheese from Wales; foraged treasures from the hedgerows of the Black Mountains; decadent preserves from Aberdeenshire; and locally-sourced treasures as yet undiscovered.

We could just stand behind our cheese counter being shop keepers … we do a whole lot of that. We could just perch in front of the coffee machine and knock out amazing specialist Welsh-roasted brews … yep, no question, that is what we do.

But that’s not all we do … sometimes, the only way to grow is to grab life by the horns and agree to do something you don’t normally do, in a place you’re not familiar with, to a scale you’re slightly scared of.

Well, that’s all part of the adventure, isn’t it?