10 people

Elegant surroundings

Handpicked food and wine

Relaxed conversation, meeting up with new friends and old, celebrating great tastes at a shared table

A private dining experience

At The High Street Delicatessen we love it when food brings people together.

A shared table, great tastes and lively conversation have characterised the mood in the Secret Garden. The garden suits a cold beer, a bottle of chilled wine, small sharing plates, olives and toasted sandwiches. We love it best when the air is filled with laughter and the clinking of glasses, when the empty plates are pushed aside and people bask in the new memories, the tastes from our shelves, the talents of our handpicked producers.

But there’s an appetite for a different food experience.

And so #Tablefor10 was born.

Back in February, we hosted a trial. It was our chance – with a handpicked cast of friends – to prove to ourselves that we could stage a high quality private dining experience that folk would love … but, as importantly, one that they would be happy to pay for. One vegetarian guest amongst the 10 provided the perfect reason to research, practice and showcase imaginative vegetarian recipes. Handpicked wines allow guests to relax without the pressure of matching accompanying drinks to a menu that they are seeing for the first time as they sit down.

Mid-April, our first paying guests and an experiment in ticket sales. We released the 10 places through our weekly newsletter at 6pm on a Sunday evening only 2 weeks ahead of the event. Only 48-hours later, fully booked, with guests having set alarms, made knots in ties and left post-it notes around their houses to ensure they got in first. Another creative vegetarian menu … fizz and rosehip syrup by Liz Knight … amuse bouche … beetroot carpaccio … sorbet (Mrs Deli testing out her full armoury of new kitchen appliances!) … luxurious caerffili and lemon ravioli … Martin Moyden’s handmade cheeses … exotic Near East influences for dessert … Coaltown Coffee and handmade chocolates from Pembrokeshire, all courses introduced by Mr Deli with celebratory nods to our handpicked producers.

With the warmth of May, another gathering. Returning guests mingle with new faces, milestone birthdays celebrated, a special occasion with a special atmosphere.

June will bring two more sittings, two more tables for ten. The first – tickets to be released 2 weeks ahead – will see a Summer menu for 16 June. The second, a private booking, all 10 places secured for a midweek night out for work colleagues. A break over the busy Summer months and back with a bang in November, with candlelit church windows, imaginative menus and a cosy winter hideaway in which to celebrate great Autumn tastes.

It looks like #tablefor10 is here to stay