Hold The Front Page – “Local Small Business Seeks Upbeat Story” Shocker

Mr and Mrs Deli are NOT militant.


We’re just hanging out in the deli, shouting up for small producers, advocating for hard-working local independent businesses, sharing ideas, encouraging people, supporting our local area.

But this week, Mr Deli had a ‘moment‘. After yet another run of articles celebrating the arrival of more national chains, ones which are already well-represented in the area, he called out our local newspaper ‘The County Times‘ and suggested that the scales should be rebalanced with some reports that encourage, support and celebrate local independent businesses.


A frisson of social media excitement. A veritable Twitter storm.

For our lovely customers, it clearly struck a chord; for the newspaper, it appeared to touch a nerve.

But it does seem like an important issue; surely, a local paper has to provide a vehicle for celebrating local successes. Attracting investment is, of course, something to be applauded but not at the price of an anonymised high street and a ‘same as all the rest‘ look and feel to our town. Totnes in Devon and Crickhowell, Powys have established reputations as fiercely independent places to live and work, places which espouse a ‘totally locally’ mentality. There’s really no reason why our local towns can’t do the same.

It could easily start with some celebratory coverage of some of the great small businesses in Newtown … in the past 3 years alone, Fab Hair & Beauty, No 1 High Street, Chambers Clothing, Sylvia’s Barbers, Bank Cottage Restaurant and The Granary have all opened, survived and thrived.

So much for the high street being on its backside.

And relax, Mr and Mrs Deli … relax! Enough Twitter storms for now.