Guest Post: Coco Pzazz (Teagan Rowlands)

There are precious few 8-year olds who would get excited at the prospect of taking on a writing and photography project during a school holiday. But that is exactly what happened when young customer, Teagan Rowlands visited The High Street Delicatessen this week.

Teagan is a lover of hot chocolate, sourdough toast and Hafod cheese toasties. She is – quite possibly – the most bright and articulate 8-year old in the universe. Well, definitely in our universe. The awarder of millions of additional ‘points’ over and above our 5 Star Food Hygiene rating, Teagan also holds the record for the most post-it pictures ever received in one day by Mr and Mrs Deli.

You may spot from this guest post that Teagan rather likes and admires local chocolatiers Coco Pzazz:

I went to the Coco Pzazz factory for my birthday party. It was brilliant … we got to make chocolate pizzas, chocolate bark and chocolate mountains. All of my friends said it was AMAZING, I loved it too.

My family and I love Coco Pzazz; we have it all the time (and) it’s really the best chocolate! It is made locally; it’s made in Caersws. Lori is the manager.

If you’ve ever wanted to know how they make the chocolate here’s how:

Melt plain chocolate … then they put their fantastic flavours in like Salted Vanilla Caramel, Tonka Bean, Buck’s Fizz and loads more amazing flavours. The simply dark is good because they give money to charity.

So Deli blog readers, I really hope you try Coco Pzazz, or if you already know of Coco Pzazz you could try a new flavour.

I really hope you enjoyed reading this as I really enjoyed writing it.

I have put some pictures here of my favourites so you can see:


Lori and the team at Coco Pzazz represent the very best of our sourcing principles as the chocolate is ‘local’, ‘Welsh’ and ‘handpicked’.

We think Teagan has made a very strong argument for giving it a try!