Guest Post: Ace Tea (Ellen Rowlands)

Our customers are a discerning crowd. While we do the curating, they do the buying and it turns out that they do so with their eyes as well as their taste buds.

Ellen has been a regular visitor to our Secret Garden, with tea and toasted cheese sandwiches high on her list of ‘must haves’. She is a delight to have in the shop; bright, articulate and polite, Ellen is a real thinker. We had high hopes when she agreed to write guest post for our blog … readers will probably agree that she should be hired immediately to replace Mr Deli and his scribbles.

Here are Ellen’s thoughts about Ace Tea London:

It isn’t surprising that most of us have a natural affinity with tea, as 84% of the UK population consume at least one cup a day, with the majority drinking standard black tea.

However, on a recent trip into The High Street Delicatessen, I discovered ‘Ace Tea’. With their bright packaging and catchy slogans I was hastily intrigued, especially when my eyes turned to the tempting flavours.

Summer Festival Fruity Green Tea was an immediate favourite of mine. With its uncompromising Strawberry core alongside a twist of Marigold and Raspberry, it made a drink that is genuinely unmissable for anyone that loves subtly fragranced and delightfully delicate tea.

Only one question remains:

Would I have picked up the tea if the packaging was not so charming?

The answer to which I am still unsure of.

Packaging is a crucial selling point of a product, making it an inviting and pleasurable experience for the customer. The team at Ace Tea has excelled in this field as their fusion of vintage packaging and untraditional tea make the perfect pairing for a captivated customer.

The packaging is taken from the designs of William Morris & Co (founded in 1861) with a Medieval-inspired aesthetic, the company had a huge influence on the interior design in both Churches and homes over many years. In 1940, Morris & Co ceased operations; however, their marvellous work is now being revived through both the V&A Museum and the packaging of this tea … some may say that you are holding a mini masterpiece in your hands.

Even if you are not the least bit intrigued by the idea of this tea, I fully recommend considering a summer picnic inspired iced tea or possibly even make a ‘grown-ups only’ version of a fruity cocktail. If you are looking for a fantastically different tea to try, Ace Tea London should be your first port of call.

On a final note, whilst researching this article, I discovered an inspiring quote from William Morris that I wanted to share:

The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.


Wow, if that’s not an incentive to explore the intriguing collection of bold and flavoursome offerings from Simeon Blanck at Ace Tea London, your resistance is mighty impressive indeed. A huge ‘thank you‘ to Ellen (who just happens to be only 14) for her guest post.

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