You’re Shut on Mondays, aren’t you?

There’s a funny thing when you build your business in a premises with history.

Sometimes, folk are so used to what was there before, they can’t shake off that remembrance … the ‘what it was‘ is more in their consciousness than the ‘what it is‘.

We’re cool with that … we’re patient and always happy to point people in the right direction.

The business that preceded ours always shut on a Monday.

Without fail.


Every single week for 5 years or so …

Our little deli has opened on Mondays for two and a half years.



Without fail.

Always …

But we do end up having some odd conversations.

We get folk popping in on a Tuesday saying “I wish you’d been open yesterday, I really fancied a cake/cheese/wine (tough day at the office?)”

Mind you, that’s nothing compared to the fella who popped by one Autumn day. “Do you still have the toothpaste without fluoride?” Mmm, I think you’re thinking of McBean’s. John’s been shut for nearly nine years, Sir. {man tuts} “Oh. you’ve changed again!” Not so much, Sir … two and a half years in (is anyone else wondering what he’s been doing for toothpaste for the past nine years?)!

So, at the start of next week we’ll be open on Monday.

Just like we always are.

Anyhoo, just in case you were wondering, we’re open on Mondays.