Kindred Spirits: A Feast for the Senses

We have had feasts on our minds

We have been pondering what they are, how they are staged, how people respond to them, what tastes suit the mood … these questions wrestle with the senses.

So, Mr and Mrs Deli decided to attend a couple of gatherings curated by folk we admire. Regular readers will have relished our immersion in The Good Life Experience and, memorably, a feast staged by outstanding cooks Mike Keen and Olia Hercules.

But, as they say, time spent in research is never wasted and so the idea of a Winter Feast in the warm embrace of Fforest was too good an opportunity to refuse.

We have stalked the magic of Fforest ever since we stayed in one of their beautiful granary loft apartments in Cardigan. An out-of-season stay to celebrate Mrs Deli’s birthday opened up their world of stylish, life-affirming simplicity. As Sian Tucker and James Lynch say themselves …

Fforest is the result of a dream – the dream of trying to remember what ‘simple’ can look, feel and taste like. We have places to stay, eat, run, swim, relax and enjoy.

There is nothing complicated about Fforest … but the effortlessness of the style, the ambiance and the weaving together of local and visitor alike is cleverly – artfully – thought through. Mr and Mrs Deli could not wait to slide into the gentle embrace of the 200-acre farm setting for a world which blends “the life-enhancing feeling of living outdoors with the simplest of things all wrapped up in the luxury of a magical setting, underpinned by all design and creative skills learned over the years“.

A two-night stay is the perfect recipe for escape and immersion. Our dome cabin was heated by the glow of a woodburner … the real flame warmth of the welcome extended to the friendly greetings around the open fire in Y Bwthyn, the on-site pub. Supper was courtesy of the talents behind the Pizza Tipi, a seasonal magnet for those who love great tastes and convivial company. New friends made, social media connections brought to life and great tasting pizzas snaffled.

The following evening, time to feast. What a delight for the senses! A large room … communal tables, platters of food to pass around … everything is geared to the social side of eating and sharing and talking and listening. This is a special place, filled with special people for whom there is a common understanding that great tastes are worth lingering over, conversations are worth having and the simplest things can be the very best of things.

These are characteristics on offer at The High Street Delicatessen.

They are the features at the heart of our own evolution.

This year, expect to gather in our secret garden, with lovely folk, who relish great tastes … simple things, done well, for folk who want to slow down and create memories through food.


Photo Credits: Excellent feature image by Fforest. Atmospheric (or ‘blurry’) pictures of food and feasts and suchlike by Mr Deli.