Bookmark: For The Love of Food (With Love Project)

The With Love Project is dedicated to finding people who produce things with passion and purpose

Rob Evans/Chris Roberts (With Love Project)

Visitors to our high street delicatessen tend to feel our wave of enthusiasm for the producers we have handpicked to stock our shelves. The choices reflect our love of their great tastes but also our personal celebration of provenance, place, skill and dedication.

So, back in the Autumn, when Rob Evans and Chris Roberts set out to raise the funds to publish ‘For The Love of Food’ we were amongst the first to commit to their crowdfunding efforts. The resultant book is every inch the publication we knew it would be … this is a sumptuous volume which celebrates the talents of food producers who deliver great tastes with passion and purpose.

It is no surprise to us that the book shouts of the same heritage quality that underpins the ethos and standards of the food producers that it focuses on. Rob and Chris have an eye for detail that pervades every inch of the publication. The photographs of products and producers and the landscapes that shape their environment are stunning. I love the way Rob has captured head-on shots of the subjects; no sense of self-consciousness, even from those we know to be modest, understated even.

And Chris’s words record moment and motivation; small details and big picture; history and ground-breaking future. This is a book which offers scale – in the breadth of its coverage – but also the true small-scale sense of micro-businesses which place quality way above volume.

We happen to know some of the producers because we found them and loved their products and their stories; we stock the results of their labours of love.

We are also incredibly lucky to see the moments where we convey their stories to our customers, the occasions when a customer’s hand closes around the neck of Chris Marshall’s bottle of Forager’s Gin … we see the smile of appreciation as someone tastes Liz Knight’s foraged spiced rosehip syrup in a glass of cava … we get to serve Illtud Dunsford’s bratwurst in a sourdough sausage sandwich during Sunday Brunch.


But those we don’t know, we want to meet (we are VERY excited that our crowdfunder reward will see us visit Anja and Jan at Great Glen Charcuterie). The products they produce with ‘passion and purpose’ sound perfect for our shelves. The book excites in us a renewed determination to seek out great tastes. It reinforces the need for us to get out to meet people and in doing so to understand their story and the importance of place to their craft.

In our world of retail, we do NOT stack it high and bang it out the door with the accompanying anonymity of a supermarket experience. Nope, in our little deli, it’s worth pausing to hear the story … it is worth understanding the true value of what these special food producers do for us.

The With Love Project has created a book which resonates perfectly with our sourcing philosophy.


This book is the perfect gift for the food lover in your life. Check it out here

Featured Image: Sourced from With Love Project website