5 Foodie Minutes With … Alison and David Lea-Wilson

Every now and then we are going to hang out with some of the cool foodie folk we get to work with to find out a little bit more about what makes them tick, both on the ‘shop floor’ and in life more generally.

We call the series “5 Food Minutes with …

Earlier this year, Mr and Mrs Deli headed to Anglesey to visit the Halen Môn saltcote to celebrate the provenance and quality of Anglesey Sea Salt. The journey undertaken over 20 years by Alison and David Lea-Wilson creates the kind of food story which underpins our handpicked collection of great tastes. So we are deli-ghted that Alison and David found time recently to answer our daft questions so we can find out a little more about what is going on in their foodie world.

Hi, who are you and what foodie mischief do you get up to in your day job?

We are Alison and David Lea-Wilson and we run The Anglesey Sea Salt Company together.

What inspires you?

Our environment, our children and our staff and customers who grow with us; we love finding out what they do with our products.

Where in the world do you get to hang out doing your foodie thing? Can you tell us a little of what is so special to you about ‘place’?

We are on the beautiful Isle of Anglesey; I can see Caernarfon Castle out of one office window and the Menai Strait with Snowdon behind it out of the other. Our environment is the key to our products and our Protected Food Name.

Wine lovers talk about terroir as being the essence of place – I think we have ‘merroir’ (Mr Deli’s new favourite word!) the essence of sea. Our sea is special because it is clean from the Gulf Stream and then further filtered by a mussel bed in front of us.

Which 3 food (or drink) producers should the foodie world know more about?

Bridge Lodge wild garlic products- lovely people and delicious pesto and sea salt (!)

Some amazing artisan chocolates we found in Lisbon last week-end. ‘Calçada do Cacau‘ has only been open a month but they have amazingly pure flavours due to no dairy, only water, cacao and essences. I know it sounds horribly worthy but they are delicious.

Nom Nom chocolates in the UK are great too, fun and delicious (and definitely not at all worthy).

Where was your last holiday … any ‘hidden gem’ recommendations?

We stayed on two tiny islands off the coast of Madagascar and have just come back from a weekend in Lisbon.

What is your favourite meal?

A crispy roasted organic Welsh chicken with charred lemons, smoked paprika, caramelised garlic and Halen Môn sea salt, served with a home-grown green salad.

You have £30 in your wallet/purse and an open mind about supper – where do you head to locally and what do you buy?

In Summer, it would have to be to our neighbour to see if he’d caught any lobsters. They would be served boiled with homemade garlic mayonnaise, shoestring fries and a green salad. We’d have to have a bottle of wine too, but perhaps that could come from our cellar?

Favourite food writer?

Elizabeth David and Anna Jones.

Most comforting ‘comfort food’?

A crispy-skinned baked potato sprinkled with Halen Môn and drenched with farmhouse butter or drizzled with a really green olive oil. Perhaps a homemade soup made from David’s vegetables, gathered from the walled garden and simmered with herbs on the Aga, served with homemade sourdough and lots of Halen Môn salted butter.


Thanks so much, Alison and David. We loved hanging out with you. We hope to be passing by one day when the lobster is being served!