Our ’12 Tastes of Christmas’ (2017)

There’s something special about Christmas. Cold winter air, the nights drawing in, twinkling lights … a beardy fella laughing uproariously (but enough about Mr Deli).

And then, there’s the food …

Christmas is a time to celebrate so many things … but celebrations are never better than when shared with friends and family around a table. Whilst “please pass me more sprouts” will never be the rallying call from Mr Deli’s Mum’s end of the table, the convivial and unifying pleasure of shared food is synonymous with the season.

Whilst there are hordes of traditionalists seeking ways to keep the turkey moist and the sage and onion stuffing from sticking to the baking tray, there are as many adventurous souls slow-cooking a shoulder of lamb in the barbecue and thrilling to the handpicked contents of hampers groaning with new and imaginative tastes.

So, with a nod to tradition but a huge shout out to the imagination and creativity of some special food producers, Mr and Mrs Deli are proud to reveal our ’12 Tastes of Christmas’ for 2017.

{Expect to hear so much more about each and every one of these handpicked treats in the days ahead}

Until then, revel in this celebration of our sourcing principles {‘local‘, ‘Welsh‘ and ‘handpicked‘} as we unveil our #12Tastes of Christmas 2017:


All of these amazing products represent the handpicked collection we curate; they celebrate craftsmanship, care, provenance and quality.

Whether you share ’em or hoard ’em, pop some in a hamper for friends or self-gift them, these #12Tastes will be guaranteed to add something special to your festive season.