Kindred Spirits: Ginger & Co

Are you a café …?

We are often asked if we are a café …  when that question pops up, we proudly declare ourselves to be ‘a deli that serves what it stocks‘.

It is distinct from a venue with a kitchen, a menu, and a range of coffee choices. We are all about letting people try some great tastes so they know what they might want to take home with them. That’s definitely not the same as a place where hanging out and eating is the main event.

But we love cafés … we love the buzz, the choices, the menus … we love hanging out in them … there’s little better than sipping a new blend of coffee with a notebook by your side waiting for the moments of inspiration that pop up … there’s a wonderful relaxation to grazing on naughty nibbles or cleverly thought out brunch ideas.

But all cafés were NOT created equal.

Some cafés have just got their act together. They are quietly confident … they know what they do – and they do it exceedingly well. They are the places we seek out, the places we want to hang out. They are the places where we find our inspiration.

Which brings us to Ginger & Co.

The morning after a late opening at Shrewsbury Indoor Market … a little too much wine from Iron & Rose and a few too many botanicals from the pop-up gin bar … and Mr and Mrs Deli are on the hunt for brunch.


Mr Deli’s Mum has local knowledge. To be frank, there was a long spell when the only eaterie NOT highlighted on her Instagram feed was her son’s! So, her recommendations – save for this one glaring omission – definitely count! And Ginger & Co is a particular favourite of hers.

We loved it immediately; there’s a warmth as soon as you push open the door … not just the physical glow that is essential on a damp Autumn morning, but also the enveloping warmth of welcome, the laid back ease of the lay out, the ‘we’re totally at home here’ satisfaction of those who have got there just ahead of you.

Mr Deli is on a bacon sandwich mission … Mrs Deli has Hummus on Toast on her mind (researching potential brunch options for the deli – always working, always clocking up the hard ‘taste-testing’ miles … selfless!). Both options hit the spot; locally sourced bacon (from Wenlock Edge Farm) also adding a luxurious oak-smoked touch to the pancake/maple syrup/bacon choice favoured by Mr Deli’s Mum! Local sourcing is very much the order of the day – the menu includes an imaginative mileage chart for producers and suppliers so you can see exactly where the food miles tot up.

Coffees are single origin guest roasts; Sam and his team certainly know what they are doing when it comes to selecting the roasts and preparing our brews. We know how important it is to delight our customers with the best coffees we can serve … Sam had all 3 of us going back for a second cup!

If we ran a cafe, we’d want it to be a lot like this fabulous brunch haunt!

BUT, I think we might have mentioned, “we’re a deli that serves what we stock” … just saying!