When We Were Two, and Other Stories!


Just “WOW“!

Our little deli in beautiful mid-Wales has only gone and turned two! Yep, two blooming’ years since we had a crazy, serendipitous moment and decided to plunge headlong into a foodie adventure. No retail background, no business plan, no sense of whether we were wanted or needed … hey, now you put it like that, Mr Deli, it was more than a little bit crazy!

And so, here we are … well, where are we?

We seem to have found our little niche.

We spent a few months not really knowing what we were up to. We both hung around the shop all day, most often outnumbering the customers … we sold large swathes of ‘the wrong stuff’ (I mean, what were we thinking with a rack of essentials – pasta, curry sauces, rice, all the things supermarkets do) … we got under one another’s feet … we didn’t cut much cheese (way too cowardly for that!) … initially, we created a whole new coffee culture – the lesser known flatteccino fused Flat White, Latte and Cappuccino … Mrs Deli baked long into the night because we’d been in the shop all day … what were we thinking!

And then, a ‘road to Damascus’ moment, quality time spent with the enthusiastic and sharing Leigh Sinclair at Ultracomida. Lids flew off olive tins, cheese tasters were generously handed over and a moment of realisation … when we grow up, WE need to be like that!


So, we matured, we handpicked our stock, we celebrated our producers, building our little business on their strengths. We talked to our customers like humans, interacted with people on social media (remembering at ALL times that it is not ‘sales media‘) … we didn’t take ourselves too seriously … we shared openly, generously … we agreed NEVER to spend money on marketing – our ‘marketing budget’ had to go into tasters … we brought people in on evenings for a glass of House wine and tasting platters … we kept finding new great tastes, taking things off the shelves as they reached the supermarkets … we were passionate about everything and made sure people left the shop feeling good about stuff … we have been relentlessly positive – to be honest, life’s way too short to be downbeat … we drink great coffee – because life is way too short for bad coffee! …

People have been lovely … generous with their support and their spend … we have regulars … we get cards on birthdays … people miss us when we close … customers bring visitors in to show off ‘their‘ deli … kids draw pictures of us … talented friends make films of us … we barter hampers for photographs … we’ve had visitors from the Lake District, Dorset, London, throughout Wales … California – like, actually from America and we were on the visit itinerary – that’s a bit cute!

We visited trade shows … and stopped doing that. We headed to The Good Life Experience … and there will be a hell of a lot more of that! We have found kindred spirits … and we’ll be seeking out more of them, for sure.

Mostly, we’ve celebrated GREAT tastes and the people who produce them! You can bet we’ll be doing WAY more of that as we slip into Year 3.

Pop in sometime.

We reckon you might love our little place … we hope so! Cos we do!