Bookmark: DO/Wild Baking (Tom Herbert)

Sometimes it seems as though there are more books about food and cookery than Mr and Mrs Deli have had hot dinners. It feels as though there is a book for every meal or snack you will ever take again!

In this ‘Bookmark‘ series, we will select books that really get our taste buds tingling, the creative kitchen juices flowing. Books that light our culinary fire. We start with a book that quite literally will light your fire!


Special memories are wreathed in wood smoke. From more’ish marshmallows toasted on bonfire night to your first charred sausages on an intrepid camping trip, cooking outdoors is communal, conversational and a nod to times past.

In his new book ‘DO/Wild Baking’, Tom Herbert – a fifth-generation baker with a zest for life and an energised and enthusiastic gift for sharing – stirs the latent woodsman in us and offers the tools to lift our campfire cooking game to unimagined heights.

Tom dives straight in with 16 pages dedicated to the art of setting a fire and the 8 ways of cooking over it. For, as he says, with characteristic simplicity and dry humour:

Cooking in the wild is no fun without the fire

The DO Book Company publishes books which encourage readers to learn … and DO. This latest addition to their library is a perfect match with the back catalogue.

Leavened with the Master Baker’s ‘twinkle in the eye‘ wit, this is both a personal recollection of forest adventures with his brother, George, and the creative mind of a chef and baker turning an adult eye to recipes that once satisfied youthful appetites sharpened by a life in the great outdoors. Wrapping potatoes in foil and throwing them on a fire … taking extra care with ‘girthful sausages‘ … a ‘Poacher’s Breakfast’ – ” … the campfire breakfast of champions …”. There is a childish joy in the mouthwatering simplicity of these recipes … all they need is an inclination to get outside and play with fire!

Forest, beach or mountain … the locations change but the principles unfold joyfully. Flames, simple ingredients, the essentials needing to be carried to the evening’s campfire. But fear not, for every marshmallow or sausage on a stick, there is a ‘Spit Roast Stag with Whisky and Beer’ or ‘Mussels Baked in Embers’.

This book is a delight … a call to arms to leave the comfort of home and meet your spirit of adventure over eyebrow-endangering flames.

Now, pass me some kindling, Mrs Deli … let’s get this bonfire lit!