Kindred Spirits: With Love Project

The With Love Project started as a idea to find and document a small number of people who produce things with a passion and purpose. Rob Evans and Chris Roberts set out to ask one single question along the way … “Why do you do what you do?”

The result of this journey of discovery was a beautiful record of craftsmanship, dedication, provenance and purpose. With Love Project delivered a stunning, limited-edition hardback book called ‘The Backbone of Britain: The people behind the craft‘, crowdfunded and published to reflect the same quality, provenance and skill described between the covers.

The film of this voyage of discovery is stunning:

And so to Chris and Rob’s latest project … a journey to meet food producers whose ethos, values, sourcing, production and produce scale the heights. From forager’s to distillers, millers to meat curers, tea planters and coffee roasters … the latest ‘With Love Project‘ book is guaranteed to enrich our palates as much as it will feed our souls.

If you have a moment, head over and check out this beguiling short film of the With Love Project road trip to Skye, which shows the links between those who produce the ingredients and those who prepare them for the table … as Michael Smith, Head Chef at Loch Bay Restaurant points out, “food should be about enjoyment and generosity …“, a sentiment we would echo at The High Street Delicatessen.

Mr and Mrs Deli cannot wait to pledge towards the crowdfunding required for what will be another limited-edition gem. No doubt there will be much debate about which unique reward we should claim for our contribution to the publication of what promises to be a tasty volume indeed!

You too can get involved … you might even spot one or two familiar producers (we may have signposted one or two of our favourites to encourage With Love Project to show them some foodie love).

Check out the With Love Project crowdfunding page and be part of something VERY special.