21 Essential Facts about Our Deli Life

Mr and Mrs Deli threw open the doors to The High Street Delicatessen on 13 October 2015 … as we look back over the first 21 months, we can see how much has changed … but we can also see that the building blocks we put in place on Day 1 continue to be the foundations we are building on!

Customers are still finding us! The things we are super-familiar with can still be new and surprising to those just joining our foodie adventure.

So, here is a run-down of cool facts, a ‘Top 21’ at 21

  1. Life is too short for Bad Coffee” … fact! Which is why we stock Coaltown Coffee, a great story AND a great taste!
  2. We have a ‘Secret‘ Garden … the first rule of Secret Garden – do not talk about Secret Garden … the second rule of Secret Garden – don’t mention the Secret Garden! #justsaying 
  3. We handpick great tastes … we started out being a generic deli and it didn’t work.
  4. We like our customers to leave feeling even better than when they walked through the door. Our customer service is gently paced, a little old school and you may have to wait while our favourite 82-year old visitor has her trolley lifted in and out the shop, but food tastes even better if you slow down for a moment and relish it!
  5. Wales is rocking the food and drink world right now … we do our small bit to showcase the talents. Check out Forager’s Gin, hand-foraged and distilled in small batches in the hills of Snowdonia … marvel at the purity of Coedcanlas, every ounce delivered with passion in partnership with the seasons … relish Halen Môn sea salt, harvested from the waters around Anglesey and chosen by discerning chefs the world over.
  6. Our mantra is simple … “Shop Local, Sleep, Repeat“!
  7. We open late on Thursdays … House Wine, chilled beers, deli-cious platters served until 7.30pm. It’s worth booking your spot!
  8. When we find somewhere cool to hang out, we tend to let EVERYONE know! Check out what Jon and Ellie are doing at Llandudno coffee and tea house Providero, very special kindred spirits.
  9. We love working with talented, local folk … like Hannah Evans of Rocksalt Photography who conjured up these magical images for us.
  10. Did we mention, “life is too short for bad coffee” (see Fact 1)?
  11. We get fresh bread on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from talented local baker, Andy Wright of Andy’s Bread. Incredible bread from a talented guy!
  12. Mr and Mrs Deli take Sundays off, for ourselves … no exceptions!
  13. We get to meet some cool foodie folk … and when we do, we ask them not-very-tricky questions. People like Illtud at Charcutier Ltd, Sarah at Bray’s Cottage and Sarah-Jane, our trusty stand-in for our occasional escapes!
  14. Sssshhh … we have a Secret Garden … don’t tell anyone!
  15. We handpick the very best of Welsh, British and Continental cheeses (plus perfect partners like chutneys, biscuits, membrillo, wine {we’ll come back to the wine}, fig balls, olives and all sorts of other treats!).
  16. Mrs Deli is the talent … last year she was awarded a Guild of Fine Food Great Taste Gold Star for her amazing Bara Brith, not bad for an Irish lass working on a Welsh tradition!
  17. We work with Ultracomida to bring our customers outstanding tastes of Spain. If you are in Cardiff, check out their tapas bar, Curado … it is the perfect showcase for their knowledge of Spanish flavours!
  18. Local‘ is important … but ONLY if it hits the right quality threshold! Quality like Radnor Preserves, Coco Pzazz and our local Wagyu Beef.
  19. The very talented Robin Nugent of Iron and Rose helps us to discover wines from organically and biodynamically farmed vineyards, made by winemakers who don’t mess about too much with their produce. These are interesting and tasty wines produced in the right way.
  20. There is no menu … but just ask what we have and you will discover toasted sandwiches, cheese boards, warming homemade soups in the winter months and deli-cious cakes to satisfy every taste! We serve what we stock!
  21. Food is way better being experienced than being written about … so, it’s probably best if you pop in and check out our great tastes in person?

Shop Local, Sleep, Repeat