Kindred Spirits: Curado Bar (Cardiff)

In our constant search for food and drink inspiration, we are lucky to get the opportunity to discover businesses with heart and soul and purpose. We plan to share our discoveries, to pop these ‘kindred spirits’ into the collective eyeline. We want to do this because we love what they do and we aspire to evolve The High Street Delicatessen to reflect their careful sourcing, their style, what they have to offer and the way they deliver it to their customers

For many months now, The High Street Delicatessen has drawn upon the experience and sourcing skills of Ultracomida, 2 award-winning Spanish restaurant/delicatessens in Wales. Our customers love the selection of wines, spirits, continental beers, olives and bar snacks chosen from recommendations by Paul Grimwood and his team.

Imagine all this experience and careful sourcing leavened with great tastes and wrapped into a buzzing city centre location … and you have the Curado Bar, which Mr and Mrs Deli tried out (and not for the last time) on a recent trip to Cardiff.

In the authentic Spanish style, there are no table bookings in this vibrant, bustling bar.

This is a ‘take your chances‘ experience but there is a warm welcome for all. It is an orderly progression from hanging out in the bar with a chilled glass of cava – and a few moments to check out the tapas menu – to sitting in the upstairs restaurant preparing to feast!

The great tastes are plentiful … we indulged our regular patatas bravas habit but layered in a selection of speciality dishes from North West Spain. The team certainly knows its Galician influences … our choices, helped along by notable expert input from Leigh Sinclair (who manages Curado after impressing at the Narbeth outpost of Ultracomida), included squid, octopus and slow cooked pork. My mouth is quite literally watering as I type!

After a glass of house beer for Mr Deli and 1+1=3 Cava (for Mrs Deli for whom arithmetic is the least important aspect of her choice of fizz!), we worked our way studiously through an impressively mature Inurrieta Crianza (sweet and fruity … but enough about Mrs Deli), a liquorice gin and a Spanish ‘grappa’ (Liqueur des Herbes).

This is tapas of the highest order served in a buzzy atmosphere by people who know and LOVE the food and drink they bring to the table.

Great tastes, awesome service and a place you want to hang out in.

That’s why Curado Bar is a shoe-in as one of our ‘Kindred Spirits’.