Iconic Producers: NOMNOM Chocolate

At The High Street Delicatessen, we are building our handpicked collection of ‘great tastes’ around a number of ‘iconic producers’ who represent the very finest traditions of sourcing, seasonal ingredients and food preparation.

In a series of blog posts, we plan to celebrate these ‘Iconic Producers’

There is something exciting stirring at ‘The Abandoned Chocolate Factory’

Deep in the heart of Carmarthenshire, NOMNOM Chocolate is on a mission to make the best chocolate in the world. This is an area with a rich tradition of chocolate making. For over 30 years, until 2011, Pemberton’s not only made chocolate but they also welcomed thousands of tourists to their factory and visitor centre.

In a quirk of fate … or a moment of serendipity … NOMNOM has shifted across the road to bring chocolate’y life back to the abandoned Pemberton’s site.

Liam Burgess and his team of ‘chocolate making rascals’ have been making delicious chocolate bars “with milk, magic and mischief” for over three years. In that time, the enterprise has grown at an astonishing rate.

But in doing so it has stuck to its principles.

This is a business with heart!

This is a business that feels like family!

Liam and his team make and wrap their gorgeous chocolate bars by hand. Creativity seeps out of every pore, as the salted caramel filling oozes from the milky deliciousness of ‘Love‘ bars and the sultry exotica of ‘Lust‘.

Collaborations showcase NOMNOM as chocolatiers to be associated with; Halen Môn, Black Mountain Roast, Chase Vodka and Penderyn all find themselves in mixing bowls deep in the heart of Carmarthenshire.

The resultant alchemy makes mouths water … self-gifting is the order of the day (“oh, I’m buying these bars for a friend …”. If you say so, madam, if you say so!).

At The High Street Delicatessen, we are proud to share the NOMNOM magic with our lucky customers – though Mrs Deli takes her tasting responsibilities VERY seriously indeed!