Iconic Producers: Coedcanlas

At The High Street Delicatessen, we are building our handpicked collection of ‘great tastes’ around a number of ‘iconic producers‘ who represent the very finest traditions of sourcing, seasonal ingredients and food preparation.

In a series of blog posts, we plan to celebrate these ‘Iconic Producers’

Deep in the heart of Pembrokeshire, on the eastern shore of the Daugleddau Estuary, Nick and Annette Tonkin rear and nurture bees in 90 wooden hives. This remote and beautiful area provides a rural landscape perfectly suited to the traditional beekeeping and breeding methods they have adopted. And yet, the challenges of each and every season have a direct impact on the lives of their bees and this has a significant impact on the success or failure of every honey producing cycle.

This is artisan food production at its purest. Yield is directly related to weather; diversification is the only pathway to a sustainable family business.

In the Coedcanlas range, there is no room for the ordinary. Extraordinary tastes are the benchmark; from raw Welsh honeys, to mouthwateringly flavoursome marmalades, Nick and Annette conjure up a larder full of ‘great tastes’.

The seasons are celebrated; with the honey harvest secured, January brings the delivery of Amadora’s Organic Seville Oranges. Suddenly, while the bees slumber (dreaming of warmer Spring air), the smell of citrus is in the air and it is marmalade season. As Nick and Annette say “… oranges are slowly baked, sliced by hand and gently cooked in large copper pans. We add only Organic Sugar from Cuba and Organic Sicilian Lemons …”. These quality products fly off the shelves at The High Street Delicatessen.

The same care shown in their own production is mirrored in sourcing. This is perfectly illustrated by the finest of Ontario’s Maple Syrups … it takes 40 litres of maple sap to produce one litre of the purest maple syrup. No additives, just water evaporated over an open log burner. And the taste, oh, the taste … your taste buds will dance to the variations; delicate and creamy, through toffee and caramel flavours. Once tasted, there is no going back to inferior offerings. The elegant bottles make perfect presents, but who wants to give it away!

We love Coedcanlas … there is a spirit of ‘get it while it is there‘ that comes from the uncertainty each new season introduces. Will the weather yield decent honey production? What new products will Nick and Annette discover and share with lovers of their great tastes?

Images by Hannah at RockSalt Photography

Our shelves were re-stocked with Coedcanlas products this week … don’t miss out!