Foraging: “The Bounty Nature Conjures Up”

Foraging has served the animal kingdom well, so it is little surprise that humankind is rediscovering its connection with the bounty that nature has to offer. If it is labelled a ‘trend’, that’s probably because the media has caught on … but well before newspaper columns were focusing on it, intrepid ‘leaf lickers’ were searching local hedgerows for edibles.

As we launch our relationship with Forage Fine Foods, it feels like a great time to take a closer look at foraging. Regular readers will have spotted great examples of the foraging art in posts about Nordic Cuisine and our review of The Ethicurean, a North Somerset restaurant that has a ‘forager-in-chief’ within its culinary team

Foraging in Denmark provides a great example of the way it has been done for generations. It also underpins the thinking in the New Nordic Cuisine Manifesto, which suggests:

you should make food from what’s around you and what you can pick up yourself in nature

Whilst a vociferous minority in the UK rail against foragers and highlight the potential damage to the environment of commercially exploiting foraged products, the Danish foraging habit is inculcated across the generations and is built on a wholly sustainable model which encourages those harvesting nature’s bounty to take only what they need and to do so with knowledge of the environment (and thereby avoid damaging surrounding flora) and to work seasonally

For producers of foraged menus and produce, there is a significant challenge to retrain consumers’ palates which have become accustomed to artificially contrived flavours as the ‘norm’

The delight of uncovering the remarkable knowledge and enthusiasm of Liz Knight of Forage Fine Foods is that doing so provides a wonderful opportunity for our delicatessen to guide our customers towards foraged alternatives to commonly-consumed staples. With the trust that often leads to a “what would you recommend” question, we can explore with our customers those “how would you use that” moments as they enjoy their first tastes of altogether new combinations …

SO … we are VERY excited to be introducing ‘nature’s bounty‘ as captured and bottled by Forage Fine Foods … why not pop in to see what you can find on our Tasting Table? Look out for more posts about the range, seasonal updates and, excitingly, a ‘meet the producer’ event in the not-too-distant future. Be warned, these are bonkersly great tastes


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