Restaurant Review: CSons (Shrewsbury)

They say that time spent in reconnaissance is rarely wasted

So, with an afternoon to fill (while the car had its annual brush with mechanical skills and MOT testers), I discovered the laid back atmosphere of CSons nestled in Milk Street, just off the High Street in Shrewsbury.

Working with local supplies, the four Crouch sons (the ‘C’ and ‘Sons’ in the restaurant name) deliver simple, straightforward, unpretentious great tastes fro breakfast to dinner.


Serving food options throughout the day, and on Friday and Saturday evenings, this is an eatery that proudly declares a

Locally sourced, globally inspired

mantra, that is borne out with the lunchtime offerings of local cheese (made in the Ludlow Food Centre), olives and fresh breads that made up my ‘tapas’ choices



Two cups of Square Mile coffee worked a treat as I soaked up the laid back ambiance and enjoyed the excellent levels of service (and the music soundtrack playing in the background)

This is a ‘local’ venue that deserves to be a great success – lucky folk of Shrewsbury, I say. The style they have adopted is one we aspire to at The High Street Delicatessen. CSons puts customers at ease, makes them feel at home and they deliver great tastes time and time again. It is a place you just want to hang out in.

We are looking forward to seeing how they evolve and how we can take inspiration for The High Street Delicatessen from the “locally sourced, globally inspired” thinking behind CSons

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