7 Reasons to Grab a Coffee at the Deli

There were definitely 8 great reasons to grab a coffee at The High Street Delicatessen when I first thought about it …

BUT … after a few days perfecting the barista’s art (if not the latte art), we have stopped our cries of “the coffee is on the house” … so just the ‘7 Great Reasons‘ for now!


So, here are some great reasons to drop in to say “hi” and to grab a coffee:

  1. We use coffee beans from fabulous Welsh roasters Coaltown Coffee. With the chocolate tones of South America infusing their ‘Black Gold’ blend with natural sweetness, this really is a #greattasteofWales
  2. We keep it simple … just great-tasting coffee with no syrups and fads and trendy stuff … double shot espresso as the basis with milk textured and added to suit your taste
  3. While you wait for ‘Barista Barrie’ or ‘Sister Barista’ (OK, Mrs Deli) to work their magic, you get time to browse the shelves to check out the amazing range of great Welsh produce … time even to grab a basket and indulge!
  4. Free Mint Imperials … you’re welcome!
  5. You can buy the beans or the ground coffee to take away for those lazy weekend mornings when only the best will do!
  6. Coffee at The High Street Delicatessen is THE perfect accompaniment to a cake from The Schoolroom Kitchen. Lemon Drizzle, Sticky Gingerbread, Bara Brith … and a whole host of other ‘naughty nibbles’. Go on, treat yourself. We are dedicated supporters of all ‘Calorie-Free’ celebrations, National or International!
  7. We have fantastic covered outdoor seating … try our Welsh recycled wool blankets to cwtch up in during the chill Autumn days. In the afternoons, the sunshine falls on one or two of the ‘best’ tables … make sure you grab one!



I don’t know about you, but I need no excuse to drink great coffee … but when there are so many other great reasons to indulge, resistance is futile?

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