To Stock … or not to Stock … that is the question!

It is really tricky deciding what to stock in your new local delicatessen … and whatever you decide, customers in the first week will definitely throw you with their own ‘special requests’

Our ‘philosophy’ – without sounding all grand about it – is simple enough … source ‘local’ or ‘Welsh’ or ‘handpicked’ (which allows us to play a little with geography)

Our customers seem to love local stories; the producer who started out with a couple of bee hives in his parents’ garden, the preserve maker who was stocked in Fortnum and Mason and has now found a local shop to stock the range, the coffee roasters determined to respect a grandfather’s mining tradition by establishing their business in the community he worked in … these are special stories, and great local and Welsh products

But customers know their stuff and they want to be reassured that you are addressing their preferences


In our first week, we have had some general queries:

Do you have?

Dairy Free

Wheat Free

My favourite cheese (Harlech Cheddar, Tavy cheeses, Wookey Hole cheddar (“sorry, Sir, just slightly too far out of Wales!”), delice de Bourgoin …)

Wasabi paste

Dried soup mixes

Caramel coffee syrups



Gluten free (yes, yes, yes … thank goodness we could say an unreserved “yes” in at least one case) – our gluten free list is proudly displayed and growing


So, every day brings a new suggestion and the interesting conundrum of when a single request for a specific favourite becomes a compelling case for adding it to our lines!

Watch this space as new lines are added …

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