7 Reasons to LOVE Opening Day

Wow, what a whirlwind 5 weeks since we signed the lease for The High Street Delicatessen

Today is Opening Day! Only Mrs Deli and I know what was meant to be in place for Day 1, so if anything is missing only our brows will be furrowed. All being well, customers (assuming some come through the door) will see the elegance of a swan … even if our legs are kicking frantically under the surface!

We like to think there are some great reasons to love Opening Day at The High Street Delicatessen

Here are a few …

  1. Every day should be a #shoplocal day
  2. We have a delicatessen stocked to the brim with ‘local‘, ‘Welsh‘ and ‘handpicked‘ produce
  3. Newtown has an annual Food Festival which means local people love great food, fact!
  4. We get a chance to celebrate incredible local businesses like Radnor Preserves and Coco Pzazz.
  5. The High Street Delicatessen is a few yards away from the newly-refurbished Glanhafren Market Hall … so we get to work with great foodies like Cultivate (for volunteer grown vegetables) and The Little Market Deli
  6. We will be serving Coaltown Coffee … and there are bags of beans and ground coffee for your shopping basket
  7. Did I mention how important it is to #SHOPLOCAL …??


2 thoughts on “7 Reasons to LOVE Opening Day

  1. Dorothy Overend says:

    Glad to hear opening day went well. What a busy few weeks you
    Have both had. Hope you have a lot of success in this new venture xxx Dorothy


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