Great Tastes of Wales: Yr Ardd Fadarch (The Mushroom Garden)

Who even knew there was a #NationalMushroomDay 

But now that I know (and the celebration takes place today, 11 October 2015), the natural choice for this ‘Great Taste of Wales’ had to be The Mushroom Garden in Snowdonia

Whilst great taste is the key factor in selecting produce for the shelves of The High Street Delicatessen, we are also naturally drawn to artisan, small scale producers who have built their brand on strong ethical and environmental principles

In the 10 years that Cynan Jones has been running the family business with his wife June and their children Megan and Rhys, he has used chemical-free processes for the production of tasty, Welsh-grown exotic fungi

Wales has the perfect meteorological conditions for mushroom growing, so it is no surprise to learn that Cynan started out with foraging wild mushrooms native to Snowdonia before he started growing the more exotic strains that underpin the full range of products


We are delighted to be stocking The Mushroom Garden produce in The High Street Delicatessen. Whilst it is a fraction out of range of Newtown to be truly ‘local’, there is no doubt that the produce is both ‘Welsh‘ and ‘Hand-Picked‘ (“… two out of three ain’t bad …”)

Our regular mushroom risotto just got even better!!

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