Great Tastes of Wales: Cradoc’s Savoury Biscuits

Are you bored with the usual cheese biscuits?

Well, Allie and Ella at Cradoc’s were … so much so that they took matters into their own hands and started experimenting with flavours and ingredients until they had some savoury biscuits to take to an unsuspecting public

Overcoming initial scepticism amidst shoppers at Brecon Farmers Market, this brand is a triumph of inventiveness

Awesome flavours wrestle for their place on your palate whilst complimenting the widest range of cheeses we plan to stock at The High Street Delicatessen

In the vegetable cracker range, try chilli/garlic/ginger or the divine beetroot and garlic … low fat and vegan, the spinach and celery seed provides the perfect accompaniment to a spicy vegan dip

Throwing a party (for one, or for the whole family)? Then the range of cocktail biscuits is for you … elegant pear and Earl Grey … a classic leek and Caerphilly cheese … walnut and perl las. Clever combinations to tantalise your taste buds

The Cradoc’s website tells the story better than I, with wit and inventiveness the hallmark of this scrumptious Great Taste of Wales. The distinctive colourful packaging already looks right at home on the shelves of The High Street Delicatessen as we prepare to throw open the doors

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