Great Tastes of Wales: Coaltown Coffee

Coffee has a rich history, which can trace its first usage back to the 6th Century in Ethiopia. Coaltown Coffee, roasted in the heart of a historic industrial region of Wales, is continuing the tradition of extracting great flavour from coffee beans

Scott James and his dad, Gordon, at Coaltown Coffee are mining a rich vein as the World has learned to brew flavours from the beans to the point where a so-called ‘Third Wave of Coffee’ has created a new audience for speciality coffees


A day spent at the ‘Welsh School of Coffee’ unlocked a flavour of the mysteries and complexities of coffee making. Using a ‘Black Gold’ roast – which will be the roast used and sold at The High Street Delicatessen – opened up an appreciation of the small details which make a huge difference to a good cup of coffee

Who knew, for example, that origin flavours vary markedly across global regions: South America (chocolate), Africa (fruit) and Asia (spice) all offer different ‘base notes’, not unlike grapes in wine-making. So the art of coffee roasting and blending wrestles with many variables

At The High Street Delicatessen we love to bring hand-picked Welsh flavours to our customers. With Coaltown Coffee we will showcase their roasts by serving expressos, lattes and cappuccino as well as stocking bags of beans and ground coffee

Coaltown Coffee is a GREAT taste of Wales, hand-picked for the shelves of The High Street Delicatessen, every bit as perfect for a shopping basket as it is for your coffee cup

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