A New Autumn Coat

There is a special pleasure in seeing your vision brought to life by a talented craftsman. And so it has been with the shop frontage at The High Street Delicatessen over the past couple of weeks

Anne Linskill lives on the outskirts of Rhayader, at the gateway to the beautiful Elan Valley. She is a gifted painter and decorator whose eye for detail, astonishing work ethic and keen sense of what will look right means that she has all the tools to bring a vision to life

The ‘before’ picture was a pretty shop front that had served Quinces and Patisserie 13 well

But with The High Street Delicatessen planning a long-term residency, it was time for a change

This …


has very quickly become … this


The effect has been transformational

Every time we walk up to the front of the shop, it brings smiles to our faces and a spring to our step

We are hoping that our arrival as a new face on the High Street might also bring a smile to the faces of shoppers visiting Newtown High Street

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