7 Amazing Food Blogs

The great thing about reading food blogs is that they are guaranteed to be calorie-free

Whether you are looking for recipes, ideas for seasonal produce or you just LOVE to taste great dishes vicariously through the experiences of others, the world truly is your oyster when it comes to food bloggers

No surprise, perhaps, that here at The High Street Delicatessen we are constantly keeping our eyes on the latest food writings … so here are some shortcuts to a few of the awesome bloggers out there you should definitely check out – never underestimate how much your interest, comments, page views and support will be valued by the writers you show an interest in

Sam Cooks Food

Sam Richards has a beautiful writing style and a fine eye for food photography. Combined, they bring to life restaurants he has reviewed and recipes he shares. There’s a lovely clean look to the blog. The passion for food comes across as being built upon solid ethical – but not preachy – lines and so food choices are sustainable and seasonal

Zest and Herbs

Talking of excellent writing and great food photos, the ‘Zest and Herbs’ blog, the personal food odyssey of Simon Davis, looks and reads exceedingly well. A student of the very awesome Ashburton Cookery School, Simon returned after a couple of months away from blogging, writing with panache and high grade food credentials. Intelligent writing, gorgeous pictures and interesting new discoveries characterise this foodie’s paradise

Eat Like A Girl

Blogging years are the same as dog years … each one is worth a few more than the actual 12 months of ‘being’. So, 8 years of ‘Eat Like A Girl’ represents a back catalogue that is well-worth delving into. Amazingly easy to navigate, this blog is the foodie home of Niamh Shields, who writes with passion and authenticity about the food she loves. With recipes categorised logically (brunch, vegetarian, curry … etc) and travels similarly helpfully signposted (you will have travel-envy), this blog is a delight to roam around

Boys Eat Scotland

So, if you don’t want to ‘eat like a girl’, you’ll be relieved to know that the lads are eating and writing in equal measure too! The Scottish foodie scene is doing everything it can to counter the cliché of  ‘deep fried everything‘ … talented chefs abound. Donnie and Raymond, who own a food shop/deli in Edinburgh, write with wit and verve about real experiences as they travel to experience the breadth and depth of Scottish fayre

Keep Calm and Fanny On

{Stop tittering at the back of the class now …} ‘Keep Calm and Fanny On’ is an homage to the cooking of Fanny Craddock, a culinary staple of the early 1970s. This is one blogger’s attempt to revisit Fanny Craddock’s meat-laden back catalogue from a vegetarians’s perspective. Cleverly weaving the ‘here and now’ into the slightly kitsch kitchen habits of dear old Fanny Craddock, ‘Keep Calm and Fanny On’ is 100% food fun

Eat and Think

Eat and Think is all about “… no fads, just sound nutritional advice for all stages of life …”. Kelly, Louise and Veronica are 3 trained nutritionists who have developed a subscription service of weekly meal plans but who also write with passion and deep knowledge about healthy eating. When there’s a blog post titled “HOW TO TURN A CHOCOLATE BROWNIE INTO ONE OF YOUR 5-A-DAY” shouting out from the page at you, you’ll soon realise that this is your sort of ‘healthy’

I Am A Food Blog

A food blog should look sumptuous, edible even … tantalising and slightly out of reach in equal measure. The gorgeously presented and elegantly curated ‘I Am A Food Blog’ is a new favourite. Stephanie Le takes stunning photographs and writes straightforwardly about the food she adores. A winner of the Saveur Magazine 2014 Blog of the Year award

Why not let us know about your favourite bloggers. Get the word out there about them, follow them in any way you can or subscribe so you never miss a post.


We know how much we would appreciate that!

2 thoughts on “7 Amazing Food Blogs

    1. thehighstreetdeli says:

      That’s so lovely, I thought people had stopped commenting on blog posts. A real pleasure to include your lovely musings in our ‘faves’ list. Plenty of tittering here … poor Mrs Deli lives her life ducking my puns and euphemisms!


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